Restore session of unsaved files from unknown project folder


Hi everybody,

I have a problem with restoring an Atom session of unsaved files from an unknown project folder.

While pasting some text into Atom, the text editor unfortunately crashed. After re-opening Atom, all my unsaved files were gone. D’oh! :unamused: As far as I understand from my research here, the files shouldn’t be gone forever but saved in an “IndexedDB”… if I’ve got that right… :wink:

To “show” them again, I just have to navigate to the project folder. The problem is that I can’t remember the project folder anymore. The project folder is also not listed in the “Reopen Project” menu.

Is there any way to find this unknown project folder or any other way to open these files again? If it’s only possible to read from the IndexedDB directly, I would be very happy if somebody could give me some hints or instructions.

I am using Atom 1.13.1 on a Mac, by the way.

Thanks a lot for your support!

Cheers, Dennis


If the project folder is not listed in the “Reopen Project” menu, it is possible that things didn’t have time to get saved to IndexedDb. If you didn’t have a project folder set at all, then Atom doesn’t currently save the program state to IndexedDb. (There is an open issue to fix that.) You can inspect the information in IndexedDb by opening the Developer Tools in Atom:


Thanks, @leedohm.

There are quite a few keys beginning with “editor-” but unfortunately they don’t contain anything in “.value.project.buffers”.

It looks like the unsaved files are gone.