Restore Atom environment atom/atom #13963


I read the development of this fix when Atom 1.17 was released (this link was included in the “what’s new” blog post):

And I noticed over the last couple of days that when I

  1. open a new window,
  2. select to “open new project folder”, then
  3. hit “Cancel” in the file selection window that appears,
    –> I still get the dialogue box asking to restore from saved state.
    Now, it doesn’t matter which of the two options I select:
    a) default: “open in New window and recover state”, or
    b) “add to this window and discard state”

The dialogue box closes and nothing happens, just as “Cancel” is expected to do. So behavior is ultimately correct, but the dialogue box after pressing “cancel” seems like it should be unnecessary.

I’ve looked around, but cannot find anything from anyone else on this. Hopefully I’m not duplicating an already open issue, and not sure if I should open an issue or not. Anybody else seen this?

Mac OS X 10.11.6
Atom 1.17