Restart and update does not work (MacOS)

Same, I tried all the listed solutions, but still restarts with same version.

This is still an issue for me on macOS 10.13.6 with the most recent version of Atom. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet? No other application I know of has this problem, so this shouldn’t be hard to fix.

I have also seen this issue for a while. I have to manually download each version. I have tried all suggestions for fixing in this thread. Latest OS X.

Sometimes it seems to work if I wait a long time (5+ minutes). Perhaps something is taking unusually long and a progress indication is needed.

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Seems like a progress bar has been a useful tool for the last several decades… might be worth the investment on their part

I just noticed something, and it might help debugging the issue - although I’m really confused about it. This problem is happening since I started using atom, and most of the time I just download the new version and install it manually. But this morning I had two updates, one from 1.30.0 to 1.31.0 and then to 1.31.1.

At the first update I was curious what is it doing in the background; I wanted to get the PID, so I issued a ps aux | grep -i atom, and it immediately opened up. Then another update came, I waited a little bit, it didn’t seem to be doing anything, so I issued the command again and - believe it or not - it popped up again (the updated version of course). I also had 2 Atoms running after the second update (I guess the previous process somehow didn’t exit).

I don’t know how it happens, but that’s what I found, so next time I update atom, I’ll do a ps or something :slight_smile: (I really don’t understand how this happens, maybe a deadlock?).

Well, this is really strange but this one worked for me too.

In every update before this took like 10 attempts to get new version installed succesfully.

Now tried to open app in finder with right click -> “Open” in Applications folder. Then Atom started in some weird state (the icons were missing and it asked system password for “atom-github” (or something) around 6 times. But after that and one restart everything worked fine.

Might be coincidence of course. Waiting for next version update to confirm.

I had at least triple checked before that my Dock icon pointed to Atom in Application folder and at least Spotlight did not find other Atom instances in hd.

i have removed from dock the atom app and then it has been updated and restarted

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Can confirm this worked for me.

Same problem still exists in 2019 :frowning: when I try to install the newest version 1.34.0

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Same thing here, trying 1.36.0. Normally I quit manually, restart, and it works, but not this time.

@DamnedScholar You mentioned it may not work with brew-installed Atom. But why not? Brew just places it into the /Applications folder, just like any other .app.

Okay, after a second restart, it said there was an update available again (1.36 again), so I tried again. This time, during mid “downloading” process, I quit manually, restarted Atom at 3rd time, then it appeared to be “up to date”. Hopefully nothing is busted.

I just checked and see no posts of me saying anything about Homebrew. However, that statement is true because any non-official distribution channel may break Atom’s update process or other platform-specific interactions. Builds on non-official channels always have a chance of deviating from the official builds because the build pipeline on the non-official channel maintainer’s computer might deviate in some way or some of the code might have been changed. Because of this, any issues related to how Atom interacts with the local computer should be tested on an official distribution just to make sure that the unofficial distribution is not at fault.

Maybe the Homebrew version is literally pulled from GitHub and published like that. I don’t have a Mac so I can’t checksum it, but the safe angle is to say “we don’t know where that’s been” and test with a version pulled from GitHub by you on the day you’re doing the test.

@DamnedScholar Oops, sorry, you said you “don’t know”. I was recalling it wrong.

It looks like brew gets it from GitHub releases.

What’s the checksum of your .app folder zipped? I think, that if they are the same .apps, then the checksum of them zipped by macOS Mojave should be the same, right? Not sure if a zip can vary slightly each time or not. Also I’m assuming that nothing gets changed/added/deleted inside the .app. Would that be correct, or does .app get modified?

I don’t think @DamnedScholar uses a Mac.

And I don’t know anything about the brew install, but the snap install uses the wrong Electron version, which leads (unsurprisingly) to issues. So there’s a general mistrust of third party sources when diagnosing issues, and that is why the first step is always to check if the official distribution works.

I’m also not the same person as Lee Dohm, and I haven’t used a Mac in many years. I know more about Mac than most people who do only because I’m a compulsive power user and 90% of Mac knowledge is the same as Linux knowledge.

What a brain fart on my end, not sure how I confused you with @leedohm. You both proliferate in this space, maybe that’s why.

FWIW, the update from 1.36.0 to 1.36.1 worked as expected for the first time in about 2 years.

Is this issue finally fixed for real? :crossed_fingers:


But I’m on 1.36.0, then when I click the blue squirrel which coincides with 1.36.1 release, I don’t see 1.36.1, and it tells me I’m up to date on 1.36.0. So, I can’t update to 1.36.1.

Here’s a screenshot: showing the blue squirrel or chipmunk, but also saying “up to date”:

Huh, after being stuck in that state of my previous comment, I finally quite and restarted Atom manually, but instead of showing me updates, it went straight to v1.37.0. So apparently some form of update works, but it wasn’t doing what I was expecting.

It is my understanding that if there are no updates, then the blue squirrel/chipmunk should not be present, right?