Resources on writing new grammars


I was thinking I might create a quick grammar for an obscure c-type dialect my company still makes use of.
So I am forking the existing language-c grammar and find myself a bit puzzled as to understanding the grammar .cson files.

There is a ‘Convert from Texmate’ page as we all know, but I can’t find anything anywhere in the docs as to what the structure and different mandatory and optional elements are and how to construct them.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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Atom’s grammars are based off of TextMate’s. So you can use the TextMate reference material here:

Or articles like this one:

to get you started.

Documentation for creating custom grammars

That’s great, thanks.
I knew they were based off of TextMate, hence the “convert from textmate” instructions, but I thought that meant it’s not actually the same thing anymore.

But it looks like all the major stuff is the same, isn’t it. So I’ll dig into those links, thank you.


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