[resolved] Splits panes squirm when opening new tabs


I’m sure other people have noticed this.

Split workspace into 2 panes and open about 10 tabs in each one.
Click each tab one by one to change focus.

Upon clicking on about the 6th or 7th something happens that causes the left pane to jarringly resize to very wide and the right pane to very small. Then a split second later it flings back to 50/50.

I think it has something to do with the editor having to reload that buffer or create a new view. Probably the div element that holds the width is not there causing the webkit flow to collapse. The element is added on next tick. EditorView or some such.

It happens a lot for me and makes the whole editor feel very unsolid and cheap. It will make a big aesthetic difference if we can fix it.

I’ve turned off zen tabs and maximize panes just to make sure its not related. Its not theme related either, I’ve tested with the default themes.


Can you open an issue on Atom Core and link it back here?


I believe there is still a general issue with large numbers of tabs. “Large” meaning actually less than what you describe.
In the past having many tabs open caused Atom to crash or hang, but other strange behavior cannot be ruled out. Mostly a performance issue with many buffers/editors.

Do I understand correctly that if you only have, say, 3 or 4 tabs per split pane, this issue doesn’t seem to happen?


I’ll open an issue, thanks. I mainly posted here to see if other’s had seen this same thing happen.

Also maybe turn zentabs back on so I don’t have so many open :slight_smile:


includes a GIF showing the squirming


it was being caused by a hack I had put in my init. I had completely forgotten about it and didn’t realized that safe mode still runs your init.

so yes, I’m the only one who suffered.


Just to add: This is actually changed in the upcoming v125. Safe mode will also ignore the init file from then on (or now if you build from source).