[Resolved] Electron app always on top


edit - fixed a script that was not loading properly and this resolved it!

Hi everyone, beginning developer here with a hopefully easy problem. I am working on creating an electron app, and for some reason it seems to be stuck to “always on top” in my Ubuntu development environment. Yesterday it was fine, today I’m unable to get another window to show up over the top of it.

I’ve tried setting “always-on-top” to false in the new BrowserWindow function, to no effect. Any ideas?



@Erik816 Hi Erik, I’m having the same issue with Ubuntu 14.04 (via VirtualBox). Did you find a solution? It’s really frustrating! Thanks


Classic denvercoder9. Managed to find a solution here though.


Hi, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. As I mentioned in my edit to the first post, I just had a javascript file that wasn’t loading properly for some reason. As this was months ago, I don’t remember the particular file or the issue, but it was something minor like using the wrong path. As soon as I fixed that, the problem went away.

Hopefully avinashbot’s answer can help you out if you’re still stuck.