[RESOLVED] A snipets which can writes "\n" instead of new line?

Hi there,

I am trying to write a snippet which would actually write \n instead of write a carriage :

‘prefix’: ‘ft_p’
‘body’: ‘ft_printf("%s\n");’

Atom does it for the real printf…
i have tried ‘body’: ‘ft_printf("%s\n");’ but ended up with : ft_printf("%sn");

Any idea?
Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Would this package work for you?

Thanks for your answer,
tried to play a bit (tried LF and CRLF) with but can’t see how this could be related to my issue…
I need to make atom understand that \n in that case means \n and not new line :confused:

I guess you might search “escape \n”

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I guess I am not as good as I thought for searching…
thanks to your comment, I was able to find my answer!
I actually need to do : ‘body’: ‘ft_printf("%s \\n");’

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: