Resetting Atom after Git de-installation. Or, Resetting Atom (in general)

Hey there, hopefully a quick question with a hopefully clear answer. fingers crossed

I had recently downloaded Git for Windows 10, and was expirementing with it, and had it point to a larger directory. But, after reviewing some tutorials, decided to uninstall it, and download Atom and just use Github instead. I’d like to just have Atom and connect to Github.

In doing that, though, I have this odd issue where it seems that my previous installation of Git is keeping Atom locked into that prior directory, and I can’t seem to change or undo that. The selection is just stuck on that.

Does anyone know how to basically clear that out? Or at least be able to point that directory into the folder I’d like to push to Github? I’d like to just start from scratch and import my projects to Github from Atom.