Reset Zoom On Text


I am unsure there is a way to reset the zoom to 100%. On mac I have been using cmd + fn and +/- to zoom in and out. How can I reset to 100%?



If you use the Keybinding Resolver ⌘., you’ll see that ⌘+ is window:increase-font-size. So I searched for reset and found that ⌘0 is bound to window:reset-font-size, but it appears there is a bug with it. It looks like rather than reset to the font size that was originally set in Settings, it resets to whatever is currently set in Settings … but because window:increase-font-size and window:decrease-font-size change what is set in Settings sometimes it does something and sometimes it doesn’t. (I guess depending on whether the latest font size value has been written out to disk or not yet.)

@ProbablyCorey is this something for Core? Or is there another package that handles this?


This is a bug in core. Pressing cmd-- or cmd-+ will automatically set the font size in ~/.atom/config.cson. We should probably change it so window:reset-font-size changes the font to the Atom’s default font size.


Did this ever happen? I press ctrl+0 and the font size is not reset.


ctrl+0 works for me on Windows - can you use the key binding resolver (ctrl+.) to see what ctrl+0 is bound to?