Reset start position


hi all,
after a while, when I start atom, it is on a unknown position… I suppose that atom saves the latest position/size somewhere… where?


I assume you’re on Windows? If so, the latest release of Atom, v0.114.0, has something that might fix this issue for you:

Fixed an issue on Windows where opened windows were not visible because they were incorrectly positioned offscreen.


thanks lee!
yes, i’m on windows, and chocolatey have only the 0.113.0… i’ll wait to update!


i’ve updated to the 0.115.0 but the problem still remain…


You can also try the following:

  1. Locate where the .atom folder is installed (I don’t know where it ends up on Windows)
  2. Exit completely out of Atom
  3. Delete the .atom/storage directory
  4. Start Atom

This wipes out Atom’s serialized window information and can fix issues like this.


thanks! now is ok! :wink:


This didn’t work for me on W10. I added permissions for Users - Full access and bingo!

There doesn’t appear to be any data being stored there relating to window size and position. Does anyone know where that is stored?

I have two monitors, it still only opens on the primary. Anyone know why?


Actually, not quite fixed. Turns out permissions did something but not fixed.


This is still an issue. I’m on Windows with a computer docked to a second monitor. I’ve got Atom displayed on that monitor. Now I undock and try to launch Atom. It doesn’t show the window because the editor is using coordinates from the now disconnected monitor. Removing the .atom directory doesn’t fix it.

  1. Right-click on the window caption on the taskbar, or select it and use Alt+Space. If the Restore option is available, select it to pop the window out of minimized or maximized state. Then start over at step 1

  2. Choose the Move option.

  3. Hit an arrow key.

  4. Move the mouse

This should attach the window to your mouse and therefore retrieve it from the nether.