Reset Font Size keybind not working?


I am using Atom 0.290.0 on Windows 7. This is a recent install so I could try it out.
I haven’t made any changes to key binds or combinations.

Using ‘ctrl +’ the font size increases as expected, and ‘ctrl -’ it decreases as expected.

When I try reset font size ‘ctrl 0’ it doesn’t work. The menu option to reset font size does.

Has the keybinding changed, or is it broken for anyone else?

Edit: key binding for increase font size is ‘ctrl+shift+=’ but it works using ‘ctrl +’ which isn’t bound.
Is there something overriding the Atom keybinds?


Have you tried using the Keybinding Resolver (Cmd+. on OS X and Ctrl+. on other platforms)? It will show you what key Atom saw you press and the command that was triggered because of it.


It’s the Tree View Focus that I found is using ‘ctrl+0’.

I noticed it listed under Packages > Tree View > Focus first.
Keybinding Resolver shows tree-view:toggle-focus.

The Command Palette shows it as well
Window: Reset Font Size Ctrl+0
Tree View: Toggle Focus Ctrl+0

It seems like the Tree View Focus is overriding the Reset Font Size keybinding at some point
Common keybindings for changing font size, the reset font size is the more correct use of ctrl+0 my opinion.

Shall I create an issue for it?


There’s an open issue for this here:


Ah great, thanks.