Request for colo picker feature for atom editor


I use dreamweaver for coding i also like atom but what makes me to stick to dreamweaver is its color picker/pallet so i request atom dev to create the dreamweaver like color picker/pallet for atom developer


Before you make a request of the developers, you might want to check to make sure that there aren’t already packages out there that do exactly what you’re asking for.


I have seen the packages but not happy with that packages so thats why i requested for it


Why do you assume requesting it would be any better than the packages that already exist?

If there’s something that really bothers you with the solutions out there, you could instead file issues on whichever package feels the closest to what you want, or even join in active development of it.


To make atom editor to be more futuristic and to be more perfect and a i am learning web design and development i am a student so thats why i cannot develop it


I don’t think it’s a feature necessary to the core of Atom, so packages are really your best bet.

The aim of Atom isn’t to be ‘futuristic’, but it is to be extensible through modules, and a colour picker really isn’t something we all need. Compare it to something like Sublime, and you’ll face the same issue. Atom isn’t designed to compete directly with Dreamweaver, and even though the core is ‘missing’ the feature, the wider community provide plenty of solutions.

The real benefit to Atom is modularity and configuration to your needs, not a swiss-army knife style core.


What exactly do you feel is missing from existing packages?


The Atom team currently has no plans for creating a color picker package for the reasons stated above :grinning: