Request: drag selected text


If I get time between classes and work to make this myself I will definitely give it a shot. What I’m looking for is the possibility to drag the selected text with the mouse like many other editors.

Highlighting and moving text

Otherwise known as “rectangular selection”. I’ll keep SublimeText around until Atom can do this.

Please implement!



I think this topic is more about dragging the selected text to drop it somewhere else. Cut/paste via mouse.


Yep, the topic for vertical selection is over here:

This is different.


Any news on this topic? Looking foward to it as well as the ability to drag with Ctrl pressed to clone the dragged text.


The Issue to subscribe to is here:


Besides the normal drag/drop it supports cut/copy/paste using the mouse and no keys, not even modifier keys.

This is brand new so please get me feedback on the design and of course report bugs.