Report errors console, not popup?


I’m trying out Julia in Atom and mostly like it. The one big problem I haven’t been able to fix is the way that errors are thrown.

As the attached screencap shows, an error in the code is reported in a massive popup box. The two problems with this are

  1. The popup box blocks out most of my screen so that I can’t actually see the code that I’m trying to fix.
  2. I have to “X” out of the box with a mouse. (Less pressing but still annoying.)

Ideally, that information would be sent to the console.

Could someone point me towards a workaround? Thanks.


What package are you using to evaluate the code?


Aha! The package is julia-client and I just needed to adjust the settings.

Settings -> Packages -> ‘julia-client’ -> settings -> Check ‘Errors to Console’

Thanks for the pointer!


Cool beans.