Replacing "$" regex with null


Hello there, I have a moderately sized source code, and it have a little bit of an issue,
I am currently working on android ROM building and the code is a part of it that needs to be compiled.

The issue is that the creator worked on it(I can’t contact them) have a weird way of defining functions in C
the define functions like this:
static int

so as you can see, this is a problem.
i am using ATOM editor to work on my project(this, rom building)and I am trying to correct this silly pattern they have here.

What i thought of doing is searching the project for regex: "int$"
so it will give me a list of all the int with next line just after it. so i want to replace that “next line character” with a " "(space).
My question is, Can I do that in ATOM?
Or, if there’s any other way that some of you know of to fix this code?

if you might want to take a look at the code, it is present at
the part that is affected is under sd8787 folder in the project.

Please, someone help.


You can probably search for line-break (\n or \r\n on windows) and replace those by a space.
You’ll need to activate regex for those special characters to have meaning.

For example search
static int\n
and replace by
static int


Nope, doesn’t work that way.
I tried already.
\n doesn’t even searches for the line breaks…
$ does find the line breaks

“int$” will wind all of them, “int\n” will find none.
At least on Ubuntu, that is the case


What is the line ending (bottom left status bar)?

just tested and \r\n is needed for CRLF
while \n works in LF mode

The reason I don’t go in the direction is that produce a zero length match before the newline, while you want to match the newline to remove it.