"Replace" package


anyone know package, which with, i could replace all
" :
|some much tabs| { "
with " : { " ?


The find-and-replace package is built into Atom. You can find it with ctrl-f.


as i wrote i don’t know how much tabs there and atom’s find do not supporting tabs at all


search :\r?\n\t*{
replace : {

with the regular expression turned on ?
(button looks like .* )

\t* means any number of tabs (including 0)
\t+ means at least one tab
\r?\n allow you to match a newline. Both CRLF and LF type newline.


in my case:
find:" \r?\n\s*{\r?\n “
replace:” { \n "
thank you alot


oh, tried this search in folder, it doesn’t work (doesn’t finding anything) (, after going to file in the folder–finding alot)

, ?


Yes the “search in project” of atom does not support multiline results.


Yeah, logically, hope it will be reviewed by devs. for future, thanks for help and answer