Replace one of list with corresponding value


Hey there,

I want to replace month abbreviations in a text file by the corresponding numbers. This shoudl be doable with regex replace, right? Looks like I can’t figure out how to do it.

my months read Jan, Feb, and so on and should be replaced by 01, 02, 03 etc. accordingly.

Can anyone help?



Are you asking about using the find-and-replace package? Or writing a little code?


hmm sorry i was probably wrong posting here but my question was meant about using the find/replace function in Atom and if it’s possible to use it for my case.

As far as I can see the find-and-replace-package is a core package, right? Am I supposed to ask elsewhere?


Your question is how to write a regex for your needs which is not really what the forum is meant to be used for. There are many tutorials on the web to help you learn how to use regexes. The most useful are ones that let you write and test online. My favorite is


oh well then sorry. i though there maybe some specialities for the regex how it is supported by atom but I’ll look somewhere else then. please feel free to delete this thread, it won’t help aynone.


No thread is useless. If one person has a question then odds are someone else will also. It is I who should apologize because I didn’t have the time to find your answer.