Replace more than one llines in all project files


Hi everybody… :slight_smile:

I want to batch edit a Code of HTML in all project files at once.

e.g. I want to change

    <header id="nav" class="header header-1 no-transparent mobile-no-transparent">
      <div class="header-wrapper">
      <div class="container-m-30 clearfix">
        <div class="logo-row">


    <header id="nav" class="header header-2 no-transparent mobile-no-transparent">
      <div class="header-wrapper2">
      <div class="container-m-40 clearfix">
        <div class="logo-row2">

in all my project files. Unfortunately the search can find “no results”. But for sure… the searched code is right.

What I am doing wrong?

kind regards


Atom find in project work line per line. That’s a design choice / limitation to work with large file.

To make those changes I suggest you try with another editor or a search/replace dedicated tool. Sorry for that.