REPL console not working

Hello all,

I am using ATOM text editor for Lopy4 related project, today i had updated the latest version ATOM (1.44.0). Now REPL console is not showing. I have tried to uninstall the pymakr but it is not working. Could anyone suggest me how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance


I also have the same problem. I have updated ATOM yesterday and now REPL console does not work anymore. I also uninstalled pymakr and it did not work even then.

Hello guy(s).

As for the REPL … I have no idea what you are talking of. What I mean is - it is too a general term to zoom in on what the issue is. Best you guy(s) tell us which package you are thinking of.

I am not familiar with the LoPy python-on-chip device. Though I assume you are using platformio for it. Or rather you could be using this platform. Visit to see what is news there. You may find benefit in linking in to the community there.