Reopen files in different folders


There is one thing I cannot find in Atom that I can do in Notepad++ and kate.
Every time I launch Atom from the dock, one untitled file is displayed.
In Notepad++ and kate all the files which were open last time I closed the editor are reopened.
I would like to reopen files which are not in the same folder.
Is this possible in Atom?

Is it possible to remove the Project tab on the left?


Open the Settings view, go to Core, and scroll down to the setting Restore Previous Windows On Start. Set it to yes.

Drop this into your styles.less.

atom-dock.left .tab-bar {
  display: none;

Note that this will hide all tabs on the left dock. If you accidentally put something on the left dock, you might lose it until you re-enable the tabs.


I have tried setting Restore Previous Windows On Start to yes, but I doesn’t work.

I dropped the lines to styles.less, but it works only when I open Atom from the dock. If I click a file instead, it opens Atom with the left dock.


What happens when you try to open Atom with just atom from the Terminal? When you’re closing Atom, are you shutting down the whole application at once, or closing the windows first? On Mac, applications can remain open after all of their windows are closed and this could be making Atom think that it needs to restore nothing (since nothing was the last thing you had open).

The CSS I gave you just eliminates the tab that says “Project”, which is what I thought you were asking for. If you don’t want to see the directory structure of your project, you can hide it by moving your mouse over and clicking the arrow handle that appears. When you open Atom from the dock, there isn’t an active project, so no tree view.


Thanks for the advice. Now everything works perfectly! I tried to close Atom by pressing the red cross on top left at first. Using quit seems to leave the files open.


Yeah, Mac’s default behavior of having the application be separate from its windows causes conflict with Atom, since it constantly maintains a list of which projects you have open. When you close all windows with Atom still open, Atom records that you have nothing open (which is the same as if you have a window with no project folder).