Rendering issue


Dear All,

I’m having this issue, appearing over and over again:

Half of the screen is empty, i’m scrolling and only have some code rendered to the top of the window.
If I restart, Atom, order is reset again.

Annoying thing, you can imagine. :frowning:

(dropbox will limit the views for a day, please be aware of this, I did not want to upload it to youtube)


Please include OS and Atom versions as well as any other information you believe is relevant. The more information you give, the more likely it is someone will be able to help you.


Right, sorry.

OS: 10.9.3
Atom: Version 0.95.0

And Atom does this in every hour, could not identify what action I do activates it but when it does it, only restart helps.


I sometimes have the same issue and it occurs to me when there is an error in one of atom’s javascript files.

For example when heavily using the shorcuts for folding/unfolding I get something like this which is accompanied by the same rendering problem: