Renaming a file


Hey there,

Is there no keyboard shortcut to rename a file? Sorry if I’m just missing the obvious here haha!


Use the m shortcut when the tree-view is in focus.

You can let the tree-view have focus by doing ctrl-0.

Don’t have the current file selected in tree-view? Press cmd-shift-\.


Ah, of course! Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to use cmd-shift-P 'rename' like you can do in Sublime Text.


would be good to have a UI for it, like an option when you right mouse click a file or tab header


It would be great to have file actions in the command palette (cmd-shift-P)


Thank you!


wow thanks for asking, its still 2016 and still there is no default action to rename a file that is “intuitive”


The great thing about the editor is that you can bind tree-view:move to whatever combination you find intuitive.


So, if the file is selected in tree view, pressing m with work to name the file. But ctrl + 0 or ctrl + shift + slash will move the focus in atom on Windows 10. Is this a known issue? Do I need to activate something first?


The key combination to toggle the focus of the Tree View in Windows and Linux is Alt+\:


Oh nice! I got it to work.