Renamed my home folder, now unable to load packages

I am on MacOS and renamed my home folder today because I am changing my name. I opened atom expecting some mild problems but am getting more trouble than I bargained for.

When I open atom, it’s unable to find any of my packages. I open the console and find this error:

Fetching local packages failed. Error: Fetching local packages failed.
    at /Applications/<embedded>:11:921855
    at r (/Applications/<embedded>:11:921181)
    at n (/Applications/<embedded>:14:1063432)
    at /Applications/<embedded>:14:1063586
    at Socket.<anonymous> (/Applications/<embedded>:14:1062188)
    at Socket.emit (events.js:199:15)
    at Pipe.<anonymous> (net.js:593:12)

I have now reinstalled atom twice, the second time I deleted the Application Support/Atom folder, and moved my .atom folder to a different place in order to get a fresh start.

Opening in safe mode also gets the same error

EDIT1: After a bit more experimentation, I’m finding that this only happens when I go into my settings and try to list the packages I have installed. I also am finding that my packages+themes are all actually working, so this seems to not be the worst issue in the world.

EDIT2: This bug ONLY happens when I don’t use the command line. if I use the command line to open atom then my $PATH is loaded correctly and everything is happy. I hope this helps.

Thank you for any help!