Rename Tab Access


I have a lot of index.js and index.html files in my project. This leads to a lot of tabs with the same name.

It would be nice to have a package that changes the tab name to reflect the directory it is in. So instead of ‘index.js - dir/dir/WidgetView’ and ‘index.html - dir/dir/WidgetView’, it would be ‘WidgetView (JS) - dir/dir’ and ‘WidgetView (HTML) - dir/dir’.

I have tried to create a package to do this, but I was unable to access the tab name to change it. How I can change the tab name through the Atom API?


You can’t, but it isn’t hard to find using DOM selectors. Look at the code for any package that adds icons to tabs or changes appearance. web-browser is one but I’m sure there are simpler ones.


You could add a service consumer to the tabs package (this would require a PR for the tabs package) perhaps that allows someone to override the tab naming scheme. That way your package could just provide a “tab naming service”.