Rename Symbols


Hi, is there a way to change a symbol and it will be change any references to that symbol? I am not looking for find and replace because it would try to change the symbol name everywhere even if it not a reference - such as a comment for example. I saw that Visual Studio Code has this option and I am hoping that Atom does as well.

Thank you,


Hi Rob,

The closest I can get you is find-and-replace:select-all
reached by the Alt+F3 shortcut (on Windows).

  • click in the word
  • press Alt+F3
  • modify the text everywhere

Be careful - having let as base will give you delete so,

  • select the word, include space after the word to make it more unique.
  • press Alt+F3
  • modify the text everywhere



Thank you for the response and the suggestions on how to accomplish this.