Removing /*WARNING*/ from autocomplete-plus package


autocomplete-css which uses autocomplete-plus in default settings prints /WARNING/ on “wi[enter]” strokes which according to my habit is for width. It was width before some update, I thought I’d get used to the update but it’s been driving me nuts for months and I’m done.

I tried switching to Symbol provider but it still prints /WARNING/. How can I get change this behavior?


Mind posting a screenshot of the autocomplete popup right before you hit enter?


sure thing.


That particular icon (the green arrow) indicates a snippet. Either your own snippets.cson file or some package you installed is suggesting that (it’s not in language-css).

I would suggest opening a new Atom window with .atom/packages/ as the project folder and searching for the text warning. You will probably find the source. When you do, share the text of the file here and I can give you specific advice on how to proceed.


Alright thanks a lot. I do have snippets.cson but it is empty. Grepping through ~/.atom/packages (or ~/.atom) also did not find anything relevant, it’s only community packages there.

I tried disabling related packages one by one and found the culprit: autocomplete-snippets. Cannot find how to configure it but disabling the package solves the issue.


Here’s the thing: autocomplete-snippets doesn’t actually include any snippets. I checked before I answered. It just adds the snippets you have to the autocomplete-plus view. So the snippet has to be coming from a package, and since you said the issue is recent it’s probably one you installed. If you don’t use snippets much, disabling the interface package is a safe solution.