Remove weird Autocomplete suggestions!



Started to use Atom a while ago and i really love it. But i get these weird autocomplete suggestions when i use it sometimes. i have included an image to show what i mean.

as you see there are some, what looks like just random chars, coming up as a suggestion and i really hate these and i dont want them there. How can i remove these?

Link to image of Autocomplete suggestions

Would be really happy if someone could help me.

i have figured out that it gets it from a base64 code for a font in a css file in my project. i want atom to suggest stuff from my projects like classes and so on but could i somehow exclude stuff like this random stuff?

this is from the middle somewhere of the base64 code:

and the red v suggestin nr4 is bHPRMvmzW2VGpftfGjbxwf0ySyZuHcvEltCxH10W4TTFeC3X…