Remove electron prebuilt


I’m new to this so I’m reaching out to learn how to do this stuff and get better at it. If anyone is kind enough to help then thank you. I downloaded the electron prebuilt and now I would like to delete all of that so I can build rebuild it myself and then learn how to update it.

One reason, I’m doing this is because I can’t figure out how to update electron to latest build. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve looked, for countless hours, on the net but can’t find anything that makes sense to me.

Can someone please help me? Thanks


If you downloaded a zip file from all you need to do is delete the folder you extracted. For a global npm install run sudo npm rm -g electron-prebuilt for a local install run the same but without the sudo and -g.

The easiest way to install and update is to install electron-prebuilt with npm.

cd /app
npm install electron-prebuilt

Then to run your application use:

./node_modules/.bin/electron .

Later when a new version of Electron is released just run npm install electron-prebuilt from your app directory again.