Remove core packages to increase speed


Is there a list of less important atom core packages that I can disable to increase performance?
Probably some packages related to graphic functions…
Thanks in advance.


That’s going to be entirely subjective, so no one can give you a full list. You can see the list of packages you have installed by going to Settings -> Packages.

Some ideas…

  • Do you use spell check? (spell-check)
  • Do you develop new packages regularly? (package-generator, dev-live-reload, styleguide)
  • Do you care about knowing which of your packages have deprecations? (deprecation-cop)
  • Do you code in encodings other than UTF-8? (encoding-selector)
  • Do you use Git/GitHub integration? (git-diff, open-on-github, github)
  • Do you soft wrap files? (autoflow)
  • Would you prefer file autosaving? (autosave)
  • Do you need to view files in archives? (archive-view)
  • Do you use Atom to view images? (image-view)
  • etc.


seems good start.
It is personal to list them by preference, it is not personal to list them for resource use!


It would be nice if Atom was available as a “core” application with no plugins enabled beyond just the base editor and we could install the plugins we wanted. As it is, it has a far slower load time than VSCode when you’re comparing a fresh install of both (on my machine). I really want to use Atom, but for the time being, disabling core plugins didn’t speed it up enough to compete with Code (again, on my machine).


Any progess on this conversion, can we disable the core packages too?


You can disable core packages.

There are more fundamental differences that prevent VS code like performance (mainly related to capabilities of packages).


But uninstalling those un-wanted core packages could save some space too.


If a package is disabled, Atom doesn’t load it at all, so having a long list of disabled packages should have no discernable impact on how quickly Atom loads.