Removal of files


I had some files .html edited in atom text editor in which there was a reference to some links in my computer … While editing some of those files i replaced the directory with another directory and saved the file. All of my work was erased as the directory was changed somehow… Please help me get back the files


In GitHub or similar, you can just browse your commit history.

With plain git, this might help.

With no version control, maybe you backed it up some other way? I’d check that.

Finally, if you didn’t have any sort of backup system, I believe replacing a file is permanent (possibly short of data recovery tools, but I don’t know).


sir how could i browse commit history ?


On your project’s GitHub repo, click commits (above languages used colour bar, to left). For example,

This will show you all the commits you’ve made, and cicking the angled brackets button to the right of each entry lets you browse the repository as it was in that commit.


Sir, i did not commit anything earlier . Please tell me how could i do this .Thankyou


Is your project using git?


sir i only downloaded atom text editor and started making html files and somehow misplaced / overwrite them… I have an account on git though which i think might be linked to my atom text editor


If you weren’t using version control, and they were overridden, then I believe they are lost.

FYI, git is the version control software, and GitHub is a company that lets you store your git project online. You make a GitHub account, not a git account.


Thankyou sir