Remote-Sync Stopped Working


Atom updated to version 1.17.0 this morning and the plugin remote-sync just stopped working. Does anyone have any workarounds or solutions?


I don’t have any suggestions since I don’t use remote-sync but it looks like there have been a handful of issues opened recently:

You may want to see if one of them matches the behavior you’re seeing and if not, open a new issue describing what you’re seeing.


Thank you for responding. I still wasn’t able to get it to work. For those who have the same issue remote sync still works fine in Atom version 1.16.


What do you mean with “not working”? The context menu not showing up?

In this case you may change the lines marked with line numbers 2 and 13 in /menus/context.cson

2 '.tree-view .file > .name':[
    label: 'Remote Sync',
      {label: 'Upload File', command: 'remote-sync:upload-file'}
      {label: 'Download File', command: 'remote-sync:download-file'}
      {label: 'Diff File', command: 'remote-sync:diff-file'}
      {label: 'Delete File', command: 'remote-sync:delete-file'}
      {label: 'Monitor File (Upload on External Save)', command: 'remote-sync:monitor-file'}

13 '.tree-view .directory .header > .name':[
    label: 'Remote Sync',

This worked for me (Win 10)