Remote Storage For Snippets


So, I have atom installed on 2 different computers, and there are a number of snippets that I’ve written which are quite useful which I had been storing in snippets.cson. Keeping the contents of that file synced up was kind of a pain so I had a clever idea.

I created a new package and added a snippets folder to this. I defined a quick test snippet and saved it, restart atom and as expected I had access to my new snippet. Next, I created a symlink to .cson file existing on a network drive to see if I could still access the snippet, unfortunately it did not pull in.

Any idea on why symlinks don’t get picked up and/or is there a way better way to achieve what I’m wanting to do? I didn’t see any obvious options in existing packages for syncing snippets to network drive or some other server.



There is a big discussion here:

About techniques to synchronize settings, including snippets, between machines.