Remote Sass


Hello Atom,
(I found Atom by following this thread: Sass compiler for FTP files)

Here’s my scenario:

I am using ExpandDrive to save files directly onto a remote web dev server. ExpanDrive placed a Z drive on my computer, which can be seen by editors such as Sublime and Atom, and I can save files directly onto the server. Everything works fine until I try to Sass.

Sublime, when compiling Sass to CSS, fails about 1 out of 3 times in my scenario. I can compile locally with no issues, but Sass compiled to CSS on the remote server fails (after a 45 second wait) with I/O errors.

Atom also failed, with similar looking errors:

Command failed: node-sass --output-style compressed undefined/./css/sass//main.scss undefined/./css//main.css
’node-sass’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Unable to read file after file change event. Make sure you have permission to access Z:\serverfolder\websites\css\yourstyles.scss.
EIO: i/o error, read

Can anyone advise? I’m a complete beginner on Atom.



If node-sass is having a weird reaction with SSHFS, then there isn’t much that any editor can do.