Remote Ftp


I can’t install Remote FTP. Anyone has the same problem ?



What error message are you getting?


No one error, i click install and nothing happen. Tried with 3 PC



Is remote-ftp the only package you’re having trouble with? What happens if you open the command line and run apm install remote-ftp?


Yest Remote-ftp in the only package that doesn’t work…

on command line apm is not recognized


In C:/Users/PONZINI.SIRTI/AppData/Local/atom/, there should be a folder called bin/. First, take a look and see if that folder exists. If it does, you need to add it to your PATH. If it doesn’t, you need to create it and download these four files into it. That folder should have been created when Atom was installed, but other people have reported that they didn’t have one, so it seems to be a rare-but-recurring issue.


I think they failed to appear on my Windows VM too, which was a pain.