Remote-FTP: Upload project folder doesn’t work


I am new to Atom and recently stumbled upon a problem. I use remote FTP to upload my projects to the server. Until yesterday, the project folder was displayed all the way to the left and the server was on the right next to it. I was able to upload the project folder by right clicking on it and click “upload” (see here:
Since yesterday, however, the server is always shown on the left, and the project folder to the right. And the “upload” function and the “sync local —> remote” has disappeared on the project folder (see here:

How can I get it back to the way it was before? I can’t seem to figure out how to upload and sync my project folder to the server anymore.

Many thanks for your help!

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This is due to the docks feature that was introduced in 1.17.0. Since remote-ftp hasn’t updated in two months, it hasn’t caught up with the latest features.

And the “upload” function and the “sync local —> remote” has disappeared on the project folder

You can take a look at how remote-ftp defines its menu items here. If the CSS classes around the tree view have changed (which seems plausible considering the fact that it was altered to be a dock item to go along with the introduction of the feature), then those menu items wouldn’t appear.

The package has to be updated before it fully works again. You have several choices about how to proceed:

  1. Download version 1.16.0 (the zip file, so that it doesn’t set up the autoupdater) and keep an eye on remote-ftp to see when it becomes fully compatible. Atom is set up so that you can swap between executables without losing any of your data, as long as you preserve .atom.
  2. Clone the remote-ftp package, make the fixes yourself, and use apm install and apm link to set it up so that Atom loads it.
  3. Use a package such as flex-tool-bar to give yourself buttons attached to the commands you see in the CSON file linked above.
  4. Use the Command Palette to call those commands directly.
  5. Use a different FTP package.