Remote FTP tree IIS server: folders ok, files undefined


Hi everybody:

I’m new Atom user and my problem is: the remote-ftp package list as undefined all files on Windows IIS server(*)
But the folders - where the files are - appear ok.
When I try download some file: <550 /www/undefined: No such file or directory.
No problems with the .ftpconfig and the all local files (asp).

In picture below, left side is local tree, right side is remote tree.

(*) Only IIS server… ok on Linux server.
Thanks a lot for any help (and sorry about my english).


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This appears to be an issue with the remote-ftp package and should be reported at the package’s repo. In the mean time, I recommend trying out atom-commander, which also has FTP capability. If neither of them is capable of viewing the files on your IIS server, then it is likely an issue with the ftp Node module.


Thanks Damned but… atom-commander also not work.

In fact it got worse … the atom-commander even view any files, only folders.:o(]
I will follow your advice and report this issue at the package’s repo.
Just in time: I even suspect that the cause is some security setting on the server… it’s possible?

Regards, Carlos


Maybe. Who knows?


Hi Damned

My suspicions proved correct … the server support ( said:

"Our Windows hosting servers have a security system on the FTP layer, where the communication firstly goes through a Linux server, which filters the connections, allowing only the FTP commands genre. Some applications try to commands that are not supported, and then present failures.”
"Even I - when try to access some of our servers - it’s also limited to using the FTP client to correct pages / code because a vast majority of applications display error when trying to list the remote directory or even edit the files.”
[Google Translation].

Conclusion? Nothing to do, I think … :disappointed:


You might be able to set Atom as the default editor for your client. I don’t know what you use, but FileZilla can do that. When I right-click a file and select Edit, it downloads the file to a temporary folder and opens my editor. Then when I save it, the saved file is automatically uploaded.


Thanks for idea Damned, but this solution is good for editing individual files, but it is not practical when you need to work with projects.
Unfortunately, to my knowledge, the jurassic Dreamweaver is still the only editor with easy local and remote viewing, without restrictions on the server language.
My solution? Only in Windows hosting cases, open the project in Atom (or Sublime or Brackets or…) and use Filezilla (or CyberDuck or …) just to view / download the files on the server (the upload may remain at Remote-ftp, at save). Easy when you have at least two monitors … (my case).