Remote FTP folder not showing contents

I’ve used damn near all the ftp/remote edit etc packages for atom and for the most part they all work fine. The problem is one of the folders refuses to load properly.
All other files and folders show up, no problems.
This folder happens to have the most files/folders in it; how can I fix this?
Last night it was working flawlessly. Please halp.

The below is from remote-ftp

helpers.js:99 < 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,185,16,175,161,22)
helpers.js:99 > LIST -al /content/Body Systems
helpers.js:99 < 150 Accepted data connection
helpers.js:99 < 226-Options: -a -l \r\n226 0 matches total

I know there are matches there frog dommit.