Remote-FTP downloads incomplete files


Hi There,

I have been using Atom for a few months now and we love it, I had everybody in the office switching to it from notepad++. But we encountered a problem that is affecting us big time, when we download a big file many times it is incomplete and we don’t notice it because we only miss a few lines at the bottom of the file, so we end up make changes over it, save the file and it is automatically uploaded with the incomplete data, so we loose what we had before. Luckily we have a simple local svn so we can retrieve the lost data most of the times, but we only notice the problem when the project crashes.

This issue is not isolated to one computer but it has happened in all 5 computers that we have here an the office and it is not a server issue because we are working on different remote servers. I have looked online but I haven’t found anyone with the same problem yet.

How can we fix this.


I would definitely report this bug to the remote-ftp package. The Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom community package or theme.

I did a quick search and couldn’t find anyone reporting the same problem. Perhaps it is something specific to your network?


Maybe… I have no idea :frowning: But this wasn’t happening before with notepad++ or filezilla.


A maintainer of the package would be best able to help you. You might be required to get on a dev branch of the package in order to test possible fixes. In the mean time, I recommend trying Atom Commander, which also has FTP/SFTP functionality. Not only does it have the potential of solving your problem immediately, but if it turns out that the implementation in Atom Commander doesn’t have the same problem, then that could be helpful to fix the issue with Remote FTP.


Awesome, I’ll check it out thanks!