Remote-ftp could not upload

I recently installed the Remote-FTP package to Atom. I was able to successfully use FTP for a staging site. But, I cannot seem to get it to work for the production site. I have spent a few hours troubleshooting and researching the error with no luck. It’s driving me crazy I cannot figure it out.

Here is the ftpconfig file

I can connect to the server successfully. However, upon transfer, I get the error, “Remote FTP: app.sass could not upload.”

Any help would be immensely appreciated!

A few seconds search found this.

Yes, I saw this one. It didn’t help in my circumstance. However, I just figured it out!

I had read in the help forums that an absolute path should be used in the “remote” path setting. But that didn’t work. I switched it to a relative path. It didn’t work either…until I added public_html to the front of the relative path.

Thank you for attempting to help! I appreciate it.