Remote-FTP autoconnect when CTRL+S (Windows)


Hi all, I’m having some issues with Remote-FTP package;

  • As title said, it automatically connect to server when i’m saving local file using ‘CTRL+S’ keyboard command, although i never set it nor i can find anywhere that shows ‘CTRL+S’ will connect to the server;

    • i know this is not really much of an issue, but it’s quite annoying when the dialog keep popping up when u just try to Preformatted text save your local file.
  • Another issue that is to me quite serious is local file automatically sync to server;

    • Is there some setting i overlooked where local file will automatically sync to server? I’m not sure when, what or how it happens, but all i know, sometimes local file got automatically sync to server, sometimes not.
    • which lead to my website getting HTTP 500 error yesterday when one local file got sync, and another doesn’t.

Anybody face this kind of behaviour with this package? I’m disabling it for now until i can find answers. Btw, i’m using windows 8.1.