Remote file editing using user-specified sftp (or scp) binary



I’m using Windows 7, and I’m trying to do local editing of remote files. I’ve tried remote-edit, remote-ftp, sftp-deployment, and atom-commander.

The issue that I’m running into relates to authentication. In order to connect to the remote machine, I have to use a special patched version of PuTTY that supports the kerberized authentication required. I also have patched versions of scp and sftp.

The problem is that none of the remote editing packages seem to allow me the option to specify the binary that should be used to make the remote connection. Is there a package available that would allow me to do that?

Alternatively, could adding my patched PuTTY directory to my system PATH make a difference? The reason I’m asking rather than just trying it is that I don’t have admin privileges, and the IT department here has no idea what an environment variable is. It would be a painful, multi-week process for me just to get one directory added to it.

Thanks for any guidance anyone could give me here.


All of those packages use the Node package ftp, which creates its own connection instead of using an external program.

You have a few options, but most of them would require some work. The easiest thing would be to set up a script to sync the folders via the command line and invoke that script via process-palette. If you define a command in process-palette, you can give it a keybinding or make it a toolbar button.


Ah, that makes sense. I’ll probably end up doing that, then.

Thanks for your help!


No problem. :slight_smile: One of the fun things about Atom is that, even when it can’t do something you want, it can usually do a circle around the obvious solution that gets you to a very similar place.