Remote editing


I have a need to remote-edit files on a server, I have shell, and I’d like to use Atom.

Is there a package that replicates emacs TRAMP?

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I have no idea what this is. Please describe the specific features you’re looking for.


TRAMP allows one to use emacs to edit files on a remote server.


That’s a very vague description. I have no way of knowing which of the remote editing packages to recommend. Do you want remote-edit? remote-ftp? remote-sync? atom-commander?

Unless you’re willing to share the specific features you’re looking for, there’s nothing I can do to help you.


“edit files on a remote server” seemed like a reasonable description. Sorry I wasted your time.


There are many ways to do that as well as multiple protocols that can accomplish it. You asked for a package that replicated what TRAMP does. I don’t know what TRAMP does aside from that one sentence. All four of those packages do that thing, but they all do it different ways. If you don’t tell me specifically what you want, I can’t say whether or not any of them actually work with your expected workflow.


That’s what tramp mode is. It supports multiple protocols.

Typically you use ssh, but it can do use pretty much anything that allows for remote shell as it’ll pipe right through the shell itself if needed.

I don’t know how it compares to remote-edit, but I just stumbled across this post when considering if it was worth it yet to switch from Emacs to and it was a shame to see the original poster get so frustrated when confronted with simple and reasonable questions.

The nice thing about Tramp is that it enables essentially ‘transparent’ remote editing. Emacs has built-in file browsers and such things and Tramp mode allows you to use these to edit remote files as if they are local to your system. Of course there are many limitations as will large file sizes it gets a bit slow copying files around.

Personally I use it in conjunction with ‘Server mode’. Server mode allows you to edit files in your main Emacs process by executing ‘emacsclient’ command line client. You can set ‘emacsclient’ up as $EDITOR or run it from a command line so that you can launch a ‘edit file’ without having to create new Emacs process. Emacs server mode uses a simple unix or tcp socket for communication. Combine ‘server mode’ with ssh port forwarding and ‘tramp mode’ means that I can be in a remote shell and edit files from that remote system using Emacs GUI on my desktop.

I am guessing that he wants something like ‘tramp mode’ built in natively to Atomic so it can be used by other extensions or scripts rather then just a GUI dialog.


From your description, I would suggest trying out atom-commander. It has a file browser, so you can edit remote files pretty much as if they were local. There’s no command-line interaction, but that style of text commands isn’t something common outside of Unix editors.

I am guessing that he wants something like ‘tramp mode’ built in natively to Atomic so it can be used by other extensions or scripts rather then just a GUI dialog.

A package that has a number of commands registered, as atom-commander does, can be accessed via scripts and certain other packages. However, the dev team likes to keep the core editor pared down quite a bit, and they don’t include packages in the core unless there’s a very good reason and they feel like they can commit to maintaining those packages.