Remote-edit: skipping the host selection


I daily use remote-edit to edit files on a unique remote Unix machine.
Most of the time, during several days, I have to edit files from a same remote directory.

Up to now - or do I misss something- I recall remote-edit in the palette, select the host from the list (the list contains all the target directory on the unique host I have deal with during the month) and then select the file to open.

Is there a way to skip the host selection -aka always open the same destination from the list- to go directly to the browse of remote files ?



If no one helps you here, you should ask this in the remote-edit repo.


I already tried to find where in repo I can post this question… but new to Git… so if you can show me where I have to got to enter this question.


It’s at For the future, you can find the repo by searching for the package at or you can search for the package inside Atom.


Ok. Already found it… but was reluctant to open an issue for a simple question.
But did it now.
Thanks for helping on this.