Remote Atom by wrapping fs module?


I am wondering. If I were to build an fs module wrapper which performed all fs actions on a remote machine in some fashion (and maybe pathwatcher), would that and some patching be enough to allow using atoms gui on one machine but actually work on another? I am asking because that might actually offer better performance and stability than using other means like SSHFS.

Any thoughts? I only skimmed over tree-view and text-buffer to validate the idea so far, feedback would be appreciated.


I doubt it’ll go smoothly and you’ll probably end up breaking a lot of things.
Coming immediately in mind is the synchronous API that won’t be able to perform over a network. And there will probably be some edge cases I can’t think of in many other part (probably a lot of modules relies at some point onto the fs module, a tiny difference in behavior can lead to dramatic failures).
But maybe I’m wrong.