Remembering collapse/expand location after file reopening


Suppose I’ve collapsed some portion of code on the editor and closed the file. After reopening the file, all the collapses are gone. But I don’t want to collapse those portions every time. It’d be great if atom remembers which portions I’ve collapsed before and remains collapsed upon reopening the file. It’s useful if the code file is really long.


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It would be very useful for me because I’m writing a full book within Atom and I would like to fold permanently some sections.

Is it possible ?


Anybody knows if it’s possible or not ?


Are you asking if it is possible as Atom is currently implemented? Not that I know of.

Or are you asking if it is possible to make some changes that would add this feature? Yes, it would be possible to make some changes to add this feature.


Ok ! I hope this feature will be implemented one day.
It would be great for me. If I accidentaly close the opened file, everything unfolds and it is so annoying…

Thank you for your answer :smile:


You’re welcome :grinning:


I’d like to see it too.

Better yet would be the ability to copy/paste the collapsed code by coping line collapsed. Preserving the original indentation when pasting for working with partials, with Jade for instance, would be awesome.

This set of features probably deserves it own thread.


I couldn’t find a issue, so I created one: