Remember search filter



Is there a way to remember search filter across sessions ?

I’m talking about this filter :

I am using the ctags package, which generate a lot of .tags files and I have to retype this filter each time I restart Atom.


You should be able to access the previously used filters by pressing the up key while the focus is in the text input.


Nope, it doesn’t work when I restart Atom.


You’re right, there was an issue with the serialization of the paths history. I submitted a PR for that:


Thank you :+1:


May I suggest that, in addition to the up key, the text field become a combo bar? I just found out about up arrow by searching for “atom search history”. A visual cue that hints that a history is kept would be helpful. Also, with a combo bar, you don’t have to up-key a certain number of times. You can just see where in the history the search term you were looking for is. And while you are at it, typing a partial string followed by up arrow (or using Ctrl-R) could cycle through only the subset of queries that match the word typed.

Forgive me if this is off-topic, but I was less successful with two other search-related questions:

  1. Is it possible to move the search results to the same pane as the project info? Either that or open the results in a separate window? I use the search results to navigate through code, but I’d rather use the real estate for code.

  2. Could we add a right-click menu for re-running the search here:

If these items already have open issues, my apologies.