Remember Previous Files


I need the Remember Previous Files after restart Feature in ATOM.

How can I enable that ?


press ctrl+, on windows or cmd+, on mac to open up the settings page. scroll down until you see Restore Previous Files on Restart. Click on it and click yes.


I did that. But I didn’t get the solution.


What operating system are you on?


I am using Linux Mint 18.1. Thanks


try reading this: Why don't my project folders stay open each time I start Atom?


I could not find any thing helpful here.


What version of atom do you have?


Here is my Atom Version




Is there any specific reason you don’t update to 1.19? If you are not freezing the version because of compatibility issues or things like that, it could be worth a try to install the new Atom version and check if the problem still occurs.


Try updating to the most recent version.


Thanks for reply. How can I update version ?



Okay, If you have Linux then go to the atom homepage->click download, and basically download and install atom again.


I updated the version. But the feature is still inactive. Thanks


I updated the version. But the feature is still inactive.

Here is the version


Here is feature



What do you see in ~/.atom/storage/application.json when Atom is open? When you close Atom, does the file change?


Here is my application.json


Okay, I want you to try an experiment. Close Atom and open application.json with a different program. It should be exactly the same.


Here is application.json with xed.



Okay, so you closed the Atom window that was pointing at /home/foysal/.atom and that section of the application.json file disappears. When you open a new Atom window, it should open those two paths, but it isn’t. This suggests two possibilities:

  1. You have another window of Atom open and don’t know about it.
  2. There’s something buggy about one or both of those paths and Atom is freaking out when it tries to process this.

At this point, you should try rebooting your computer, deleting the application.json file, then starting Atom, in that order. Atom will make a new, blank application.json and open an empty window. Open a folder (any folder), close Atom, and take a look at what application.json says.