Remember open "projects" when reopening Atom

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

Try this one to work with different workspaces -

I love Atom but this fundamental issue drives me crazy.

  • I add project folder.
  • Then I click X(close) on Mac. Atom doesn’t close but stays in the doc. I’m not even quitting Atom completely.
  • I click on Atom icon on the doc and all projects are gone.
  • I have to re-add the projects again

I’m sorry but this is retarded. It should be core functionality without any package.

Other info:

  • “Open Empty Editor on Start” is unchecked!
  • version 1.9.8 on Mac OS 10.10.5

This is the issue. Because you aren’t closing Atom completely, when you open a new window, Atom treats it like any other new window. It doesn’t know that it doesn’t have any windows open.

If you’re familiar with a manner for checking how many windows the application has and you want to write a JavaScript or CoffeeScript wrapper for it, I’m sure it could be merged into Atom. In the mean time, check out this FAQ entry for a more in-depth discussion of Atom’s opening logic:

Thanks for reply. However, quitting completely (cmd+q) does the same thing. Next time I open an empty Atom.

I would love Atom to remember which project I’ve added. IF I’m working on a long project which takes months it means every day I have to add the project folder again and again and again …

If you completely quit Atom from a window that had a folder in the tree view, you should see that folder again when you next open Atom. If you quit Atom when your last window had nothing in it, you’ll see nothing. You can go look at the .atom/storage/application.json file to see exactly which paths Atom will open next time it starts. That file gets overwritten constantly, so it’s not a reliable way to keep consistency between your projects. You do need a project management package for that.

Yes, this was the case before I upgraded today to 1.9.8! But now cmd+q and reopening Atom opens empty despite the fact that I had projects in a tree view. I can send a video screenshot if it helps.

In that case, that’s a bug and you should report it over at the Atom repo (a recording would help verify what you’re saying, yes). I still recommend a project management package. It makes everything much easier, especially switching between projects.

@DamnedScholar would you be able to comment on ?

I’m posting on there too. Having the same issue.

For a while there I thought I had the exact same problem (i.e. closing atom in the middle of my work to find out that atom had sometimes ‘forgotten’ what I was working on). Then it started dawning on me that this issue emerged right about the time I had begun dabbling a bit with Jasmine (I usually don’t have/take time to go the tdd road).
While I’m sure that this certainly won’t be the answer for everyone in here, here’s why my atom acts up:
If I do not close the spec runner BEFORE atom itself, the spec window stays open and I have to close it manually at that point. As a result, atom reopens on the ‘spec’ project which isn’t a ‘proper’ project (location) in itself. Hence, an empty atom on next launch (when spec window is closed before Atom, Atom doesn’t ‘forget’ its bearings).
One could argue that this is intended behaviour, since the spec window IS as a matter of fact the last thing I close in that case. However, this would be ignoring the fact that the spec window is extremely buggy in other regards as well. Just try using the menu bar in the spec window and tally how often you can predict the actual behaviour!

@essadji Please open an Issue on with detailed steps to reproduce the problem (just follow the template). When you do, post a link to the new Issue here and I’ll make sure to put it on the dev team’s list.

i have same problem i am using atom 1.12.5 . i unchecked the “open empty editor on start” , still when i close atom (cmd+q) and reopen atom it’s open an empty page.

Did it work until it stopped working at some point?

Anyone who has this problem should try to delete .atom/storage/application.json
After that I opened some files with tree view and it now works as expected.

(DamnedScholar’s post gave me the idea, thanx man :))

atom 1,15 open project (with or open empty editor, atom not remember last open folder and files. in settings open editor on start not checked.

@yekta1 et al, That option is about opening a new file tab or not when NOT restoring state. The option at the bottom is about restoring state before closing.