Remember open "projects" when reopening Atom


I usually open a project (folder) and when I close Atom and then reopen it later I have to reopen the folder. That’s a bit annoying and it’s pretty standard that editors remembers this.

This is different from the “Add Remember Open Tabs” feature requests, as the tabs don’t have to be open - just open a window with the project.

Re-open to same folder

Like this?

or this

For Mac OS X users, add a Settings option to re-open all windows/tabs last open

Not really. I guess they could work but they’re intended to do much more. I just want Atom to remember what I had opened when I close the app. There’s discussions on remembering files in open tabs, so I made this request for at least remembering what folder/project was open the last time I used Atom.


This is quite near of what you want:

The only thing it does not remember is the state of the file browser.


So… more like this:


Is this issue being worked at for the main Atom editor? This should be built into the editor as a basic feature and not be part of unofficial packages.

Sublime Text have a “Open Recent” option that separates files and projects/folders, which works well.



It looks like there was an Issue on atom/atom but someone made an apm package first. So the issue got closed.

I forked/made a package that has it exactly like ST.


FWIW, I just do atom . in a shell window in the appropriate place to open the project(s) I would like to work on. So you can do it externally: just write a little script that does atom /foo/bar and atom /quux/whizz for the projects you want.

I know it’s not what you asked for, but it’s a suggestion to rethink your workflow – perhaps you find something else you like… Sorry if this wasted your time.


Is there anything simillar to remember-session?

This one is failing on the Atom Version 1.0.2


It seems only me is the one who got @seriema

For instance:

  • I have projects at /a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h/j/k/l
  • I open Atom, press Ctrl-O to open a file.
  • Atom shows a recent list.
  • I move the mouse, click some clicks, then use the arrow keys to go up and down, use the Enter key to enter. In order to reach my folder /a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h/j/k/l.

Why can’t Atom remember the last folder which was accessed to open files? For instance Geany, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Gedit… they all can remember it. It’s a basic feature.


So it seems the feature is in the editor now. v1.3.2

Atom -> Preferences -> Settings

Uncheck the “Open Empty Editor On Start”

Don’t know why this would be checked by default. seems you want the editor to remember what you had open last.

I hope this helps someone else.



Thanks Abe, for pointing the OP (and me) towards project-manager, this is something I felt was missing from Atom.

I would like to point out that at almost a quarter of a million downloads, I wonder why this package hasn’t been included in the core application.


Is there a way to open the last session (i.e., your workspace with your projects loaded in) when opening a new file with Atom closed?

###To explain, here’s my workflow that’s causing me grief:###

  • I’ll have Atom open with several Project Directories open, working on several different files.
  • I close Atom for the day
  • The next day I need to inspect a different file quickly, so I open it from Finder
  • Atom then opens a new editor window, thereby loosing my working files and project folders

When I noticed that this happened, I started opening Atom first, then opening the file from within the working session, but occasionally I forget.

Is there a way to make new files open in the previous session?


I have unchecked this preference but I will have to add my project every time I re-launch Atom. Running 1.5.3. Is there something else I should be doing?

Thanks for any help.

Update: It looks like I’ve got it working now. Thanks for this thread.


Maybe there’s a better thread to post but I didn’t find it… I have the opposite problem… it remembers the last set of files I was working on, but suddenly it remembers a particular set I was working on… like 3 days ago, and it won’t “forget” that set of files no matter what I do. I have “Open Empty Editor On Start” checked, I’ve carefully closed all tabs and then exited the program, rebooted my computer and when I open atom, sure enough that same set of files opens up. I have even tried to close them all, open others, worked on them, and closed the program again… and when it starts back up, its the files from 3 days ago! It’s driving me crazy!!!


This has been happening to me lately. I have the setting “Open Empty Editor On Start” unchecked.

I have several files that I’m working on, close Atom for whatever reason (sometimes a restart, sometimes because I simply need to), and when I reopen it, none of the files are open, and none of the projects are on the project panel, and the project panel is not open.

So I add a project back to the project panel so it shows up, open a file, close Atom, reopen, and this time the file and project panel shows as it should be.

I’m on Atom 1.5.3 on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS).


Atom 1.7.3 could do it…

For Windows, if I start Atom by right-clicking a file then select “Open with Atom”, Atom will open the file only, it will not open the previously opened files.

It would be better if Atom would also open the previously opened files when it is started by using “Open file with Atom”.

It happens on Windows, I am not sure whether Ubuntu would has the same case.


Is someone having problems with the “Open Empty Editor On Start” (unchecked)?

I open a project folder, then I open some files, when I then close the editor and open it again, the editor is just empty.

Am I missing something?


Having the same issue; can’t seem to get it to work.

Atom 1.9.1 on OS X.


Instead of describing the problem as “it”, you should provide precise information about which settings are set or unset and what behavior you see. Have you never been able to recall existing tabs when you open Atom (note: this applies when Atom is not open and you open it; if you have Atom open but without any windows open, opening a new window might just open a blank one, because Mac is weird like that). When you open a project folder and then completely close Atom, what do you see in your .atom/storage/application.json file? What happens when you open Atom again?

Also consider trying a project management package. I contribute to and favor Project Viewer, but they all have different approaches and they will save you from having to be so careful about what you have open when you close Atom and how you open it (it’s easy to overwrite application.json on accident, since it does not get referenced unless you open Atom with no target).