Remap core:copy and core:paste keys

I have linux mint on my old MacbookPro. It works great.
I am learning atom, and put vim-plus and ex-mode on there, and am in hog heaven.

But my old macbook pro does not have the ctrl-ins and shift-ins keys because I don’t have an ins key.

I would like to remap these two to something that I can use.
Can you show me how I can do this?

thank you.

I am on Ubuntu but not on Mac.
I would look for some keymapping utility to emulate ins key..
In Ubuntu it is xdotool.

well, I did some searching.
it looks like linux emulates the fn+return key for the ins key.

so it looks like copy would be ctrl+fn+return
and paste would be shift+fn+return

you have to be a little contortionist to do that, but I hope I can get use to it.

not a great solution…

This is what I do for such mapping. I use process-palette to create a custom process … this, in your case would be to emulate three buttons being pressed together (which I agree is tricky). process-palette allows me to create a top bar menu item which triggers a script to emulate these three buttons. I have several such top bar actions configured such as Run Python, Run Java etc. Basically I do not like such multi key shortcuts and there is always the chance that they clash with other packages. There are tools which map to multi key actions. Others to explore include Autokey and Albert. Frequently I turn to Actiona which is an automation tool for Windows/Linux but not Mac. In Mac there is Alfred (similar to Albert).